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We protect you from the
costly censequences of
Content Chaos

Keeping your documents and data well-structured and classified
according to your business is the foundation for any growing
organisation. When workflows are organized, employees and
contractors spend less time looking for files and more time doing
their actual jobs.


We make sense out of your
documents and data

Our DocPilot® AI engine extracts valuable metadata and all of the text out of paper or electronic documents, providing valuable insights and making your data searchable

Search in the body of electronic and scanned documents (full-text search)

Document summarisation

Document auto-labeling

Process structured and unstructured forms with handwriting

Connect multiple document repositories into a single, unified experience

Existing document management systems and file repositories can be
connected for a full picture view of your company’s content, allowing search
and AI to unlock the knowledge in your data.

SharePoint Server

Microsoft 365 (SharePoint Online)

OneDrive and OneDrive for Business

File Shares and Servers

Google Drive


Our product suite

The Quantum DMS document management platform is the foundation of our solution portfolio

Quantum DMS

The AI-driven document-centric platform
that redefines document management
and intelligent document processing

Quantum External Portal

A customer-facing external portal addon for secure, trusted, and long-term document exchange 

Quantum DocPilot® AI

Your personal AI assistant for all
matters related to document
understanding and automation

Quantum Archive

Long-term record keeping of data with
lifecycle and retention features, and
cold-storare auto-migration

Quantum AI Workbench

End-user, no-code AI platform for model
training and local execution on your data
with enhanced security features

Quantum Digital Asset Management

A repository for classified and organised
high-fidelity digital assets

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